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Many people use Facebook and Instagram together, sharing photos or videos instantly for friends and family to see. Facebook owns Instagram and we manage Instagram ads inside the Facebook Power Editor or Ads Manager. We use the same precise targeting we describe on our Facebook page, but there are important differences to keep in mind in planning your ad campaign. 

Facebook is primarily a networking platform for sharing conversations between friends.  A picture or video from a news article or other source is often a pretext for commenting/sharing.

On Instagram, the image IS the topic. Instagramers believe that "a single picture is worth a thousand words." Images and videos first, words second. Searchable Hashtags (#hashtag) in ads and posts help users easily find other posts on that topic - maybe even your Instagram page or ad.

Instagram ads, always visual, appear in users' feeds and "stories" as users scroll through their account or search for posts created by the people, friends, brands, organizations, or the searchable #hashtags they follow. Important: On Instagram, you don't have to be friends to follow someone.

Rules of the Hashtag 9a1439_0b6aeac15fb14b12bcaa5cf923130cd9.jpg

Do we use the same ads on Instagram and Facebook? Well, not exactly. 

  • While Facebook allows long video ads, up to 2 hrs in length, on Instagram, everything is shorter. Videos in Instagram ads can only be 60 secs. long. Even video user posts are short, limited to just 15 secs. 
  • The Instagram demographic is usually younger: they prefer Instagram's ease of navigation and less "cluttered" interface.
  • Although younger audiences are highly engaged, they often have less disposable income for purchases.

So, we write ads, edit videos and target accordingly. But the result is the same: more customers for you. We'll work with you to choose the right platform(s) for your service, product or audience and target the right audience using:

  • Photo ads,
  • Video ads, when available are usually the best choice,
  • Carousel ads to swipe through to  show more than one picture or video in an ad,  and
  • Story ads that will appear in Instagram stories.

Remember, video ads connect you to your audience, building trust in you as the provider of products or services. At Catalyst Adlab, we'll help you make your irresistible offer to promote sales or branding, generate leads, and more.