Welcome to Catalyst Adlab

Connecting Advertisers to Customers. That's our Business. 

What's Yours?

Catalyst Adlab is a video-centric digital ad agency that helps businesses profitably acquire and retain new customers, using video and animation whenever possible. We are proud to be a Google Partner, supported by a dedicated team of Google Strategic Advisors assigned to our agency. We're currently certified in: Search, Display, Video, and Google Analytics.

While static images are still useful, video/animation engages and sells, especially on mobile, increasing conversion rates by as much as 80%. So we emphasize using video Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising within the Google family of services: Search (no video... yet), Display, and YouTube and on Facebook and Instagram. We also offer a Viral Email Marketing Service using sweepstakes or contests to help businesses acquire and retain more customers. Click the videos below for brief descriptions of our services, then explore more or just give us a call to get your next campaign started.

We'll help your business find new customers and make enticing offers that prompt "conversions" to your "Call to Action." Our goal is simply to help you make more money at higher ROI's. We create and manage affordable PPC campaigns to:

  • Generate Leads
  • Grow your brand
  • Sell products or services
  • Sell tickets to your events
  • Solicit donations to your non-profit
  • Drive membership in your organization

Through our Adlab teammates and partners, we can also offer other digital "connection" services: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Design, copywriting, photography, videography, etc.

Let's Connect: Call or text 707-636-4237  or click below to send us an email: