Connect to Customers with Google:

Catalyst Adlab creates and optimizes ad campaigns that appear on the Google family of services:

  • The Search network, including Google search partners, AOL and,
  • The Display network, which features powerful image, video, or text ads on millions of websites worldwide.
  • YouTube, which contains over 1 billion videos where your product or service may find an audience.
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Search Network

PPC search text ads generally appear at the top of the SEO-managed (or not) organic results, providing the most relevant answer to a searcher's question. In addition...

Search Ads:

  • Direct searchers to a specific custom landing page,
  • Offer a specific Call to Action (CTA), e.g., to "Buy...," "Do...," "Get...," "Learn More...," "Download...," etc.
  • Allow precise keyword targeting,
  • Target location, even to zip code,
  • Target language, device, and other demographics.
  • Allow "extensions" that you design to provide more specific info about your offer or website.
  • Provide budget & bidding control

When your ad appears, you may get tons of free exposure because you don't pay for it unless someone clicks!

When your ad appears on a page with your organic listing, that reinforces your message, and says that you"mean business."

display network.png

DisPlay Network

Display ads on the Google Display Network (GDN) are like billboards on the internet "highway" or commercials on TV. People see them as they browse. 

These images or, preferably, Video ads appear alongside targeted, relevant content that people read. You can bid per click or per "mille" - thousand- impressions.

Besides targeting language and location on the GDN, we can target by:

  • Keyword
  • Topics
  • Interests
  • Devices
  • Demographics, AND
  • Relevant placements on the millions of pages in the GDN Network
  • Websites that YOU choose.
  • Similar audiences - ones like those who have characteristics like those on your email list.
  • Exclusion: not all placements are good for you!

We'll use the beautiful and compelling graphical assets you've already created, or edit/design powerfully compelling image ads, especially video ads, for you to:

  • Capture browsers' attention
  • Direct them to your offer on a custom landing page or the most relevant page on your website.


YouTube is actually a part of the Google family of ad services. Video ads are usually found at the beginning of, in the middle of or beside videos on YouTube.

We can also create YouTube channels just for you and create video ads. Because YouTube is so important, and cost-effective, we've created a separate YouTube page to tell you about it. Click the button below to learn more about YouTube


ALL of Google's services allow retargeting, aka remarketing. Retarketing is an incredibly powerful tool for Google's services. We'll use it to "retarget" people who have previously visited your site by clicking an ad but did not "convert," i.e., follow through on your Call to Action when they last saw your ad.

Google Analytics

For Metrics and Assessment: we'll measure the performance of your ads using powerful Google Analytics to assess the performance of your conversions, return on investment, (ROI), or other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Gerry Sanders, Ph.D., is certified in Google Analytics.