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Connect to Customers with Google

Catalyst Adlab creates and optimizes ad campaigns that appear on the Google family of services*

  • Everybody "Googles" to find answers to questions, products or providers of services:
    • The Search network includes Google search, search partners, AOL and Ask.com.
    • We'll get your Google search ads on the first page of results.
    • Plumbers, anyone? Electricians, appliance stores and repair service, HVAC? Plastic Surgeons, Psychotherapists, Chiropractors, and on and on....
    • Can you afford to not be seen on the first page of Google search?
  •  The Display network features powerful image, video, or text ads on millions of websites worldwide.
    • These ads are like billboards on the Internet highway keyed to the content people are reading.
    • We can even choose specific web site placements for your ads.
  •  YouTube contains over 1 billion videos where your product or service may find an audience. You'll see some YouTube details below, but it is so important and inexpensive, it has its own page.
  • We can retarget - remarket - for each Google service to offer visitors to your site or ad another chance to respond to your CTA.
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Search Network

PPC search text ads generally appear at the top of the SEO-managed (or not) organic results, providing the most relevant answer to a searcher's question. These organic ads appear beneath the headline and URL with only a two-line description abbreviated from your website content.

Search Ads:

  • Appear at the top of the Google search, Google Shopping, Maps and Google Play pages, and at search sites that partner with Google
  • Direct searchers to a specific custom landing page,
  • Offer a specific Call to Action (CTA), e.g., to "Buy...," "Do...," "Get...," "Learn More...," "Download...," etc.
  • Allow precise keyword targeting,
  • Target location, even to zip code,
  • Target language, device, and other demographics.
  • Allow "extensions" that we design to provide more specific information about your offer or website.

Remember, even if people see your ad, you don't pay for it unless someone clicks! You may get tons of free exposure.

Even if your website appears organically on the first page, your paid PPC ad is likely to be seen first, which reinforces your message, and says that you "mean business."

display network.png

DisPlay Network

Display ads on the Google Display Network (GDN) are like billboards on the internet "highway" or commercials on TV. The people whom we target see them as they browse and read content, e.g., blogs or articles on placements that we select. 

We'll use the beautiful and compelling graphical elements you've already created for your website, or design/edit powerfully compelling image and video ads to:

  • Capture browsers' attention,
  • Direct them to your offer on a custom landing page or the most relevant page on your website.

Besides targeting language and location on the GDN, we can target by:

  • Keyword
  • Content
  • Topics
  • Interests
  • Devices
  • Behaviors
  • Demographics, AND
  • Relevant placements on the millions of pages in the GDN Network, or
  • Specific Websites that YOU choose.
  • Similar audiences - ones like those who have characteristics like those on your email list.
  • We can exclude particular placements or choose placements, web sites or apps

    On the GDN, we can bid per click, PPC, or CPM, or cost per thousand (mille) impressions. Even if people don't click, GDN is great for branding or wide exposure of your offer.



    YouTube is actually a part of the Google family of ad services. YOUTUBE Video ads are usually found at the beginning of, in the middle of or beside videos on YouTube.

    We can also create YouTube channels just for you and create video ads. With enough channel views, you can even monetize your channel and accept Adsense ads so you get paid when people click ads on your channel. Because YouTube is so important, and cost-effective, we've created a separate YouTube page to tell you about it.


    ALL of Google's services allow retargeting, or remarketing. Remarketing is an incredibly powerful tool we use to to "retarget" people who have previously visited your site or clicked your ad but did not "convert," i.e., follow through on your Call to Action when they last saw your ad.

    Google Analytics

    For Metrics and Assessment: we'll measure the performance of your ads using powerful Google Analytics to assess the performance of your conversions, return on investment, (ROI), or other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

    *Unlike social media ads, Google search and display ads require a longer time to test and optimize 30-90 days. Therefore, especially when we engage the resources of our dedicated Google support team for longer-term campaigns, we cannot offer "free" advertising for 5 days as we do with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.