We have a simple question for you:

Are you as busy as you‘d like to be –– would you like more customers?

We thought you might.

So we have an irresistible OFFER for YOU:

  • We want to EARN your business with RESULTS, not promises,
  • We'll build an entire Facebook image, video or animated ad campaign for FREE - apart from Facebook fees and custom videos at your place of business - and run it for 5 days, including the:
    • Ad,
    • Landing page, and
    • Thank you page
  • You’ll see how easily we can bring you new leads or sales on Facebook so you’ll hire us for the rest of the month and longer to keep bringing you high ROI customers.

If you agree with us that Facebook/Instagram is a great platform for you to make your irresistible offer to highly laser-targeted customers, please give us a call today: 707-636-4237 or "Connect to Us" and we’ll get back to you right away. 

Click the Videos below to learn more or read on below. Your choice.

Our video/animation Facebook Ads bring your irresistible offers to profitable (high ROI) local customers by connecting you to the people on Facebook most likely to buy your product, your service, or support your cause.

We laser-target the best audience for you, with precision beyond simply boosting or promoting a post of your fan page.

Video/animation produces the greatest engagement with ads and, when possible, we feature YOU because you're not just selling a a product or service, but YOU as the provider of that product or service, and that's what produces TRUST and sales.

Although we specialize in local - your city/region - advertising, we can put the right offer in front of the right audience anywhere within reach of Facebook’s 1.7 Billion users, 214 million in the US alone.



 The irresistible OFFER

The irresistible OFFER


The most important part of your ad is your offer. Ours is above. We'll help you craft an irresistible offer for your intended audience, perhaps one just like the one you offer on your website, but that few people see.

It might include a discount, a coupon, or other incentive designed to solve a potential customer's "pain" or problem or fulfill their desire, perhaps just to introduce you to them, i.e., branding, to generate a lead, or a call and capture their name and email for immediate followup or an autoresponder email to keep your offer in mind for as long as you like or is necessary.

You can spend as little as $5/day or as much as your ROI would justify. As long as your ads are bringing you the ROI you want and the customers can handle, why stop spending on such inexpensive advertising. We usually "test the waters" with as little as $5/day, although we recommend $20.

The best Facebook ads appear right in readers' News feeds, like the one at left, sometimes to the right.

 Laser-targeting your AUDIENCE

Laser-targeting your AUDIENCE


The Key to successful Facebook ads, besides your irresitible OFFER, is laser-targeting your potential audience. We’ll work with you to design the campaign to show video or animation ads just like this one to the specific laser-targeted customers in your area. If you already have video, great. If not, we’ll either create one for you, teach you how to make a simple, short video for the ad, or, if necessary, use stock video to create your message.

This is only the beginning: we can target your audience by, among other things:

  • Age,
  • Income,
  • Gender,
  • Occupation,  
  • Own or rent a home,
  • How close they are to your business
  • Personal interests,
  • Political leanings
  • Group people are in, follow or like,
  • Their other Facebook “likes” and engagements
  • Custom Audiences
  • “Lookalike” audiences of people who “look like” the people who already like you.

How’s that for targeting power!




When people click your ad, we’ll take them to a custom message-matched landing page to respond to your offer, e.g.,

  • Buy your product or service
  • Sign up for your offer or to get more information
  • Give you their name and email address/phone and other pertinent information, for immediate or future follow up.

The Thank You Page

On either the Landing or Thank You Page, we can offer additional products or services, upsells and downsells to increase your ROI. We'll discuss those in person.


If people click the ad but don’t initially accept your offer, we’ll retarget them and show them your ad or its variations again... and again.

Because Facebook and Instagram are intimately related, we can show ads on both platforms…. Or just one, depending on your needs and the likelihood of generating a lead or making a sale.