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When advertising to a local audience, Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for you to make an irresistible offer to laser-targeted local customers. Instagram is owned by and managed by Facebook. Often we run concurrent ads on both platforms although there are some Instagram differences to consider, the younger audiences on Instagram and the requirement for short videos. We favor using Video/animation whenever possible, but sometimes, a single image or an image carousel makes more sense.

Facebook (and Instagram) offers the most detailed targeting opportunities of any platform!

Because Video/animation produces the greatest engagement with your ad:

  • When possible, we feature YOU in the ad: you're not just selling a product or service, you are selling YOU as the provider.
  • Meeting you produces TRUST and sales.
  • Just be yourself. It's authenticity that matters, not polish. That's old school. 

Although we specialize in local – your city/region – advertising, we can put the right offer in front of the right audience anywhere within reach of Facebook’s 1.7 Billion users, 214 million in the US alone, numbers that are growing every day.

We laser-target your desired audience using the appropriate advertising platform to present your irresistible offer with:

  • An entertaining Ad that educates, informs potential buyers of benefits, with a Call-to-Action (CTA) making an irresistible offer of your product or service.
  • A message-matched, custom-built landing page where we collect leads, make additional offers, or
  • downsells. We only take ad visitors to your Web site if it is a shopping site. Otherwise, we focus viewer on only one thing: Your irresistible offer to generate a new lead for your business.
  • A Thank you page that may also contain further sales opportunities.

We place tracking "Pixels" (code) on the landing page and the thank you page and, if necessary, websites, for:

  • Retargeting - remarketing - in order to show your ad repeatedly to potential customers who initially fail to convert your CTA, and
  • Metrics: using the "pixel,"  we can track metrics to measure our success in Google Analytics or other measurement systems.

Remember, it's your responsibility to contact your the "leads" we generate for you and to do as soon as possible: A study by Harvard Business Review showed that customers who were contacted within one hour of submitting their query were:

  • Nearly 7x more likely to be qualified, compared to a lead that was contacted an hour later.
  • More than 60x more likely than companies that waited 24 hours or longer to contact the customer.