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We Connect


We Connect

Welcome to Catalyst Adlab

We Connect Local Advertisers to Local Customers. 

Customer Acquisition Is our Business. 

What's Yours?

Are you as busy as you want to be? Get Ready for Results!

We're a video-centric digital ad agency focused on customer acquisition in local markets anywhere. We create exciting, entertaining video ads that create credibility and trust between you and potential customers. Authenticity rules. Be yourself - win customers!

We laser-target your desired audience on various Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the Google family of services.  We use engaging video, animation, or images to attract their attention, then...

We present your irresistible offer to solve people's problems, remove their pain and/or fulfill their desires with your unique product or service: a discount, coupon, pricing offer, download, etc.

We use video, sometimes animation, or images, that bring YOU face-to-face with your potential customers to build TRUST. That's what people really buy: trustworthy providers who can solve problems or fulfill desires.

In fact, we have irresistible offers for you, too. Click the button below before they're gone. You won't be disappointed!

Our Viral Email service helps businesses quickly and easily increase customer email lists to make irresistible offers that increase revenue and ROI.

Let's Connect:

Call or text  us at 707-636-4237...

or, click below to send us an email:

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If you want more high ROI customers, "Connect With Us" today and we'll catalyze the speed at which your business profitably acquires and retains new local customers.


PPC Services

Catalyst Adlab Services

PPC Services

Catalyst Adlab Services

our PPC Services - Our Catalytic "Labs"

How do people choose trustworthy providers? That's simple: the same way you do that in everyday life? You meet, face-to-face.

So let us put YOU, or your company, not just your product or service in a video or animation that builds trust so buyers identify you as trustworthy and buy products or services from you, not the competition. Result? More happy customers and higher ROI for you. 

These are our current services – our "Labs" – in which we work our "catalytic" advertising magic to connect your business to the right people. We'll work with you to choose just the right combination of platforms to bring you customers and increase ROI.

CALL US to get started today: 707-636-4237.



Engage any demographic anywhere with precise targeting using the world's most popular Social Media Platform.

Our Focus: Customer Acquisition

Find new customers, at higher ROI, with enticing offers to prompt a "YES" to your Call to Action to: 

  • Generate Leads
  • Grow your brand
  • Sell products or services
  • Sell tickets to your events
  • Solicit donations to your non-profit
  • Drive membership

Our Adlab teammates and partners, offer other digital "connection" services:

  • SEO
  • Website Design,
  • Copywriting,
  • Photography &Videography
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Video Sells! Harness the power of low-cost video ads to make an offer to laser-targeted customers. 

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Get noticed on the platform extremely popular with millennials and photography fans.

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Viral Email

Scale your email audience with viral email campaigns using sweepstakes and contests.

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Google Search, Video and Display

Work with an Agency certified in Google Search, Video, Display, and Analytics to get the most out of your ads on Google.

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Making Your Irresistible Offer

Making Your Irresistible Offer

How We Make Your irresistible offer

Let's Get Started:

Call or text us at 707-636-4237...

or, click below to send us an email

Catalyst Adlab specializes in video ads because "video ads connect," increasing engagement with your ad.

  • When possible, we feature YOU in the adyou're not just selling a product or service, you are selling YOU as the provider. Of course, video is preferred, but we'll work with images also.
  • Meeting you promotes TRUST and promotes SALES.
  • If you have video of yourself of your company, we'll try to use that. If not, we'll coach you through making video: Just be yourself. It's authenticity that matters, not polish. That's old school.
  • If you are close to us in Santa Rosa, CA, we can make a custom video for you at extra charge.

We laser-target your desired audience using the appropriate advertising platform to present your irresistible offer with:

  • An entertaining Ad that educates, informs potential buyers of benefits, with a Call-to-Action (CTA) for an irresistible offer of your product or service.
  • A message-matched, custom-built landing page where we collect leads, make additional offers, upsells or downsells. We only take ad visitors to your Web site if it is a shopping site. Otherwise, we focus the viewer on only one thing: Your irresistible offer.
  • A custom-built thank you page that may also contain further sales opportunities.

We place tracking "Pixels" (code) on the landing page and the thank you page and, if necessary, websites, for:

  • Retargeting - remarketing - in order to show your ad repeatedly to potential customers who initially fail to convert your CTA, and
  • Metrics: using the "pixel,"  we can track metrics to measure our success in Google Analytics or other measurement systems.

Your irresistible offer

Our rich media video, animation, or image Ads bring your irresistible offers to profitable (high ROI) local customers by connecting you to the people most likely to buy your product, your service, or support your cause.

The most important part of your ad is your offer to solve your potential customer's "pain" or problem or fulfill a desire. It might include:

  • A Discount,
  • A Coupon, 
  • A Download,
  • A Price Reduction,
  • Any other appropriate incentive to accept your offer.
  • Opt-in to a mailing list to obtain a benefit and generate a lead, or
  • A Branding experience to tell your story, or
  • An autoresponder email sequence to keep your offer in mind for as long as you like or is necessary.

You can spend as little as $5/day or as much as your ROI would justify.

As long as your ads are bringing you the ROI you want and the increase sales, why stop spending on such inexpensive advertising. We can "test the waters" with as little as $5/day, although we recommend $20 to best find your audience.


The key to successful ads, besides your irresistible OFFER, is to laser-target your potential audience. Our ads will make your offer to the most likely potential local customers.

If you already have a video, great. If not, we’ll either create one for you, coach you to make a simple, short video for the ad with your cell phone, or, if necessary, use stock video for your ad.

We laser-target the best audience for you, with precision beyond simply boosting or promoting a post of your fan page. This is only a sample of the targeting we can do.

  • Age,
  • Income,
  • Gender,
  • Occupation,  
  • Own or rent a home,
  • How close they are to your business
  • Personal interests,
  • Political leanings
  • Group people are in, follow or like,
  • Their other Facebook “likes” and engagements
  • Custom Audiences
  • Look-alike” audiences of people whose Facebook profiles “look like” current customers.
  • And so much more....

How’s that for targeting power!


When people click your ad, we’ll take them to a custom message-matched landing page to respond to your offer, e.g.,

  • Buy your product or service
  • Sign up for your offer or to get more information
  • Give you their name and email address/phone and other pertinent information, for immediate or future follow up.

The Thank You Page

On either the Landing or Thank You Page, we can offer additional products or services, upsells and downsells to increase your ROI. We'll discuss those in person.


If people click your ad but don’t initially respond to your offer, we’ll retarget them and show them your ad or its variations again... and again. Studies show that people are actually more likely to convert the more they see your offer.

Because Facebook and Instagram are intimately related, we can show ads on both platforms…. Or just one, depending on your needs and the likelihood of generating a lead or making a sale. See our Instagram page for more details.


Catalyst Adlab Irresistible Offer

Catalyst Adlab Irresistible Offer

The Catalyst Adlab irresistible offer

We want to earn your business with results, not promises, so we have two irresistible offers for YOU - choose the one** that's right for you:

Let's Connect:

Click or text us at 707-636-4237...

or, click below to send us an email

For Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube:

We'll create a complete laser-targeted local* video or image ad campaign and run it for FREE for 5 days. All you pay for are the ad fees collected by the platform, as low as $10/day although for best testing, we may recommend $20-30 depending on the size of the targeted audience. You set the budget for those 5 days. You'll never be charged more for that period.

We'll even shoot a custom video for you, normally $500, at your place of business, FREE while we launch our agency. It's the video that creates the human connection and builds trust - your customers aren’t buying a service, they are buying YOUR service!

We'll create and manage the:

  • Ad for your irresistible offer
  • Landing page to capture contact info
  • Thank you page to follow-up and create urgency to take advantage of your offer
  • Retargeting campaigns to people who view your ad or video but who do not opt-in immediately
  • Software connections that make opt-in information immediately available to your staff for follow-up, scheduling, etc.

After you see how easily we can bring you new leads or sales on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, we expect you'll want to hire us for the rest of the month and longer to keep bringing you high ROI customers.

Remember, Video/animation produces the greatest ad engagement:

  • When possible, we feature YOU in the ad: you're not just selling a product or service, you are selling YOU as the provider.
  • Meeting you builds TRUST and promotes sales.
  • Just be yourself. It's authenticity that matters, not polish. That's old school. 

For Google Search or Display campaigns:

Some businesses benefit from the continuity of Google Search or Display campaigns. In cases when these campaigns meet your needs more than Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, we have an introductory "irresistible offer" for you, too. (One campaign per customer, Google OR Facebook/YouTube.

Working with our Google Support team, we'll assess your advertising objectives, check your website and recommend which campaign(s) would work best for you:

  • Service businesses responding to customers' immediate needs, e.g., plumbing, electrical, etc. might benefit more from Search.
  • Professional services like plastic surgery, chiropractic, psychotherapy, etc. benefit from Video/Rich Media Display campaigns as well so that customers find you and "meet" you as they browse relevant topics on the web.
  • Can you afford to not appear on the first page of search results or be absent from websites related to your work as they browse related topics?

Google Search and Display require a commitment of 30 day ad spend of $1500 to qualify for this irresistible offer:

  • We'll waive both our customary Google setup fee of $750 and our monthly optimization fee of $600 + 20% of your ad spend.
  • You'll save at least $1650 for the initial FREE 30 day ad run while we earn your business.

*Local refers to the geographic area in which you do business, usually your city, county, or DMA. Larger areas require larger ad budgets.

**Sorry, just one offer per customer: Google, Facebook/Instagram, or YouTube.


Catalyst Adlab Team

Our Team

Catalyst Adlab Team

Our Team

Meet The Catalyst Adlab Team

We Don't Take Ourselves Seriously.

But We Do take our work seriously. 

We'll be glad to get serious about your work as well.

Let's Connect: Call or text 707-636-4237 or click below to send Catalyst Adlab an email:

GerryFB pic.jpg

Gerry Sanders, Ph.D.

Gerry leads Catalyst Adlab, our Strategy DirectorHe's been an AdWords consultant since 2012 and is now a Certified Google Partner. Click here, to view his Partner page at Google. He loves doing ads that help businesses acquire new customers and increase their ROI.

Gerry is a former psychologist, FileMaker Pro database developer and home loan consultant. He applies years of experience in marketing and sales, whether selling databases, home loans or "change." His Ph.D. is from Penn State in Human Development and Family Studies. His M.S. is in Educational Psychology.

rob pic.png

Rob Wegner

Rob is our Creative Director, specializing in graphics and videography. He also

Astrid09-1 320x400.jpg

Astrid Harper

Astrid is our copywriter and editor. She is available for freelance work after working for major companies during her illustrious career.

Astrid has written copy for well over 30 years. She started in the B2B marketing communications space as marketing or advertising manager, and functioning as in-house ad agency for small manufacturers. Those companies were consistently being acquired by large corporations, such as 3M, OCLI and JDSU.

In 1997 she completed AWAI’s 6-Figure Copywriting Course with high marks and began accepting B2C direct-response copy writing assignments in her private practice. She is top-rated on Upwork with a 94% job satisfaction rating and serves clients worldwide. Her slogan is “Copywriting that Compels Action”.