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Facebook is a networking platform for sharing conversations between friends. They usually use images and videos to call attention to their interests or topics. Instagram posts are always visual and focuses on followers. These may be friends or random people who follow your posts and the people or brands, including celebrities, whom you follow for whatever reason. People do follow brands or celebs on Facebook, too. But you have to have permission to read posts by individuals there unless posts are public. On Instagram, you don't have to be friends with someone to follow them. The focus on Instagram is on the images and videos,  up to 15 secs. long, that people/brands share and the stories they tell. Instagram generally appeals to a younger audience, who like its ease of navigation and less clutter. Although younger audiences are highly engaged, they often have less disposable income for purchases.

Instagram ads appear in users' feeds and "stories" as they scroll through their account. They see the posts created people, friends, brands, organizations, or #hashtags they follow. #hashtags are just that, searchable topic tags.

By advertising on Instagram, you share your story or build brand identity among a highly engaged audience to drive awareness and increase your customer base using the images and videos they want to see. 

Instagram Ads

Do we use the same ads on Instagram and Facebook? Well, not exactly. 

Unlike Facebook video ads, which allow video ads up to 2 hrs in length, on Instagram, everything is shorter. Videos in ads can only be 60 seconds long. Even video user posts are short, limited to just 15 seconds.

Because the Instagram demographic is usually younger, we may write and target differently. But the result is the same: more customers for you.

Watch the explainer above to SEE that on Instagram, you can use:

  • Photo ads,
  • Video ads,
  • Carousel ads to swipe through to  show more than one picture or video in an ad,  and
  • Story ads that will appear in Instagram stories.


Instagram is owned by Facebook and we manage Instagram ads inside the Facebook Power Editor. We use the same precise targeting we describe on our Facebook page. Because Instagram video ads mustbe shorter and the audience demographic tends to be different, we typically separate Facebook and Instagram campaigns in order to target appropriately.

According to  Entrepreneur Magazine, Aug, 2016,  

"...if your business is trying to reach a younger demographic, Instagram is the better platform to use. But with Facebook’s older generation users, businesses that use this platform have access to consumers who have higher income and higher spending power. And this is a major plus, depending on what you are selling."

We'll work with you to choose the right platform for your service, product or audience.


Instagram is a way to convey and get interest from people based on a "storyboard" of your product using images and videos first, and words second. Hashtags (#) help people looking for information on a specific topic easily find your Instagram page.

If you offer World Music lessons, you might include hastags  like #worldmusic, #musiclessons, #WorldMusicEducation, or #nameofartist. That way, when people search Instagram for your topic, you increase the likelihood that others will find your post or ad.

Many people use Facebook and Instagram together, sharing photos or videos instantly from their day's activities for friends and family to see. You might even say that Instagram follows the old idea that "a single picture is worth a thousand words." On Facebook, a picture from a news article or other source is often a pretext for commenting on some topic. But on Instagram, the image IS the topic.