Benefits of PPC Advertising

On Google and Social media

Remember, your goal is to solve problems, reduce pain, or fulfill desires with your products or services by telling your audience about their benefits. Our goal is to convince potential customers that you are a trustworthy provider who can meet that goal at an affordable cost.

For Google search, we want to get you on the first page of Google search results. That's always your goal. You can try to do this using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve your website's ranking in search engines, but that can take a long time and be expensive with no guarantee of results. The competition for first page ranking is fierce!

On the other hand, Pay-Per-Click, PPC, ads on Google, or on social media like Facebook & Instagram, or on YouTube offer almost instantaneous placement on search pages or across the millions of pages on the Google Display network (GDN) and on YouTube or in the Facebook & Instagram News Feeds of a precisely targeted audience - see details below.



SEO relies almost soley on keywords and tedious linking to other sites.

With PPC we can precisely target:

  • Keywords,
  • Location - even zip code,
  • Demographics,
  • Interests,
  • Behaviors
  • Similar audiences (Google),
  • Custom or Look-alike audiences (Facebook and Instagram),
  • Employees of companies (Facebook & Instagram),
  • Particular websites on the Google Display, Network, and
  • so much more. 
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Cost Control:

SEO costs are ongoing and may never get you to the first page. With SEO you are competing against "aggregators," e.g.,, or better known brands.

With PPC:

  • You set targets and budget as little, or as much, as you like to reach your target audience to obtain desired ROI and CPA, Cost Per Acquisition.
  • You may not win every PPC auction for ad space, but with proper bid control...
  • you can assure a high page rank for your product or service on Google or Facebook.
Remarketing 2017-07-25_05-38-46_PM2.jpg

Retargeting & Funnels

With PPC ads, on Google or Facebook, we can use Retargeting, aka Remarketing, to:

  • Show your ad repeatedly to people who have visited your ad, landing page, or website.
  • Think people don't like it? Wrong.
  • People are 7x more likely to convert with retargeting. It is said that people frequently need 7 "touchpoints" before they respond to an offer.
  • With Retargeting, we can assure that they get them.

FUNNEL CONTROL: You can even show different ads to people who have already connected with you depending where they are in the buying cycle. SEO, frankly, is like spinning the wheel in a casino.