Viral Email & Newsletter Marketing Service

for… Just about any local product or service

Are you as busy as you want to be? Are you tired of competing with chain-store or “big box” advertising? Or, of people seeing your ad once in the local newspaper and immediately forgetting about you? Here is a low-cost, high impact email AND newsletter system, completely Done-for-You that will create a real asset for your business to:

  • quickly and easily attract new customers and increase revenue, as well as
  • tempt your existing customers to spend money with you more frequently, and
  • get people in your local area talking about you and telling their friends about you on social media

With our completely “Done-for-You” system, we will quickly build you a large email list of your current and potential customers, then use social media to turn that list into extra sales for you. This system works for almost any local business, e.g., restaurants, hair stylists, nail salons, fitness/gyms, spas, any home service, etc.

The net result will be more customers, greater revenue, and overall lower marketing costs because you can drop other expensive "one shot" marketing that aren't nearly as effective as local email marketing.

Watch the two videos below – one for restaurants, the other for local toy stores – that illustrate how an email list could help you to get extra sales... 

Imagine how a bigger email list will help your business… whatever it is.

And yes, we’ll even publish a brief newsletter for you each month (or more frequently) to advertise:

  • Sales,
  • Discounts,
  • Special events,
  • Terrific new products,
  • Special pricing designed to bring you more business, especially, for example, on days when you are least busy – great for restaurants!
  • A new Prize Draw each month to grow your list even further – but that's getting ahead of ourselves.

Still interested? Read on to see just how we do this and how little – no kidding – your Done-For-You email + newsletter marketing investment will cost and how much more it will expand your reach and improve your sales and revenue!